“I have known and worked closely with Tov on a number of new business initiatives…here at
Technical Services. Tov understands the art of business development, and is a master at it.
Perfect personality - he is organized and driven, yet knows how to seek information and build
consensus when necessary. A true asset to any client or company.”

“Tov was one of the best capture/proposal managers I've ever supported -- I definitely recommend
him for any business development assignment -- I have passed his name and resume to a
number of my clients and strongly expressed my confidence in his abilities! I'm personally
delighted that he's now a consultant and look forward to being able to work with him again!”

“I worked with Tov when he came to Shipley as a new Consultant. He impressed me with his goal
orientation and desire to rise through the "proposal labor category" ranks, which he did more
quickly than anyone else I've seen…in my 16 years here. One of his greatest strengths is how well
balanced he is, coming from a capture and proposal background. This depth and breadth of
BD/capture/proposal knowledge and expertise enables Tov to bring a lot of value to each client he
supports. I believe he's best used early on, to support solution and strategy development leading
into proposal development on high-value pursuits. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to
a Consultant is "I wouldn't hesitate to send s/he to support any of my clients," and it especially
applies to Tov.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Tov at Nice Systems for almost 3 years. Under very difficult
circumstances, Tov continually proved to be a source of great ideas, business development and
revenue-producing strategy that helped my sales department grow and prosper. Honest and
reliable, I would reccommend Tov without qualification.”